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The Jupiter Independence design incorporates the unique scalability concept of the Jupiter product family. Based on Jupiter Independence’s standardized building blocks all subsystems can be scaled to meet customer specific needs, that includes fuel cell, electrolyzer, hydrogenstorage, water tank and enclosure.
In line with this approach the central controller intelligence has also been expanded to manage different power, hydrogen supply and storage combinations.The Jupiter Independence outdoor enclosure is extendable side-by-side for larger system configurations and meets IP55 requirements. The basic configuration holds fuel cell, electrolyzer,
energy management, hydrogen storage and water tank - all in one housing. For extra protection against vandalism the enclosure is optionally available in WK4 hardening (resistance class 4). This is required by the German Federal Agency for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informations-technik/BSI) for high security communication networks.
The installation effort is reduced to an absolute minimum as all Jupiter Independence systems are delivered preassembled. Even for larger system configurations the extendable side-by-side design allows for minimum installation time.

Technical Data:

Fuel Cell Subsystem
Hydrogen consumption: 11 slpm/kW
Electrical energy storage: 18 Ah
Nominal voltage: - 48,0 VDC
Nominal power: 2 x 2 (= 4) kW
Nominal current: 100 A
Response time: uninterrupted
Electrolyzer Subsystem
Hydrogen production: up to 5 slpm
Water quality: DI-water (< 2 μS/cm)
Hydrogen pressure: 30 bar
Power input: up to 1,8 kW
Hydrogen Subsystem
Storage volume: 700 l
Storage capacity: ~ 27 kWhel
Class: IP55
Dimensions (h x w x d): 2187 x 2214 x 1053

Price on request

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