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Grid-off power supply - The Stromschachtel
Electricity is available nearly everywhere and anytime. But still the availability of a powerful and stable electric grid can not be guaranteed, e.g. In lodges, on boats, in caravans. The assembling and the operation of such grid-off power supply stations are also often very expensive. The fuel cell technology offers a new possibility to supply such applications with electricity, especially if there is a demand on low-noise, zero-emission electricity production and maintainability.


This fuel cell system is controled by a microprocessor control unit, which takes care on all necessary conditions to ensure an reliable use of the system.
Usually the fuel cell system is build as a hybrid system including a standard accumulator. This configuration (electricity out of the fuel cell as well as out of the accumulator) results in higher dynamic behaviour, improved reliability, but also in lower system costs. The fuel cell is designed for the base load and not for peak loads. This results in a smaller fuel cell which is cost driver of such a system. Many applications need much higher peak loads than average loads (e.g. starting current at electric motors). The “Stromschachtel” provides 12 V DC or 24 V DC and optionally 230 V AC with an permanent electrical power output of 1,2 kWel. Peak loads can be covered depending on the type and size of accumulators.


Permanent output: 600 Wel / 1,2 kWel
Peak power: up to 5 time of nominal output
Output voltage level: 12 V DC / 24 V DC; optional 230 V AC
Hydrogen pressure supply: 3 - 15 bar
Hydrogen purity: > 3,0 (hydrogen from electrolysers or hydrogen without CO, sulfur compounds)
Hydrogen consumption: appr. 0,9 m³ H2/kWhel
Dimensions (w x h x d): appr. 80 x 60 x 40 cm
Weight: appr. 30 kg
Ambient temperature: 10 ° - 40 °C
Optionally the system can be packaged for different applications.

Price on request

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