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Assembly and Test Technology for Fuel Cell Stacks

Assembly Unit for Fuel Cell Stacks with integrated Test Technology

The assembly station guarantees for a proper stacking and alignment of individual parts and components (BPP, MEA etc.) to a fuel cell stack.
During the stack building process, "in-process" quality-related parameters are tested and evaluated. While doing so, not only an early influence on the stacking itself is given but also on previous production processes resulting in a considerable reduction of the reject rate and thus in an increase in productivity.
After completion of the stacking process, the stack is pressed in and properly screwed based on a particular technology applied for patent ensuring that the stack is homogeneously tensioned. This is owed to a screwing process especially developed for stack screwing eliminating all parasitic influences occurring from undefined friction effects between springs, nuts, disks and tie rods as well as unilaterally occurring tolerance summations. Moreover dimensional variations of materials and part components in production can be tolerated resulting directly in a better usability with positive effects on production costs.
During final inspection the complete stack is checked with regard to leakage, impedance and isolation.
• controlled stacking
• low woker influence
• early fault detection
• increase in stack quality
• increase in stack performance

• increase in stack life
• increase in tolerance
• short assembly time
• low capital commitment
= Cost Reduction



Possible functions provided by the assembly station:

• stacking
• pressing
• screwing
• final assembly
• test processes

Possible tests provided by the assembly station:

• leakage test
• impedance test
• isolation test
• geometrical test

Assembly station's execution:
As far as geometric dimensions and automatization degree are concerned, the assembly station is scalable according to the individual requirements.
It can be designed as
As a matter of course, the manual station will "grow" depending on the requirements, i.e. low investment for the basic equipment at the beginning and hence low capital commitment during ramp-up phase.

Price on request

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