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Liquid Fuel Cell Hardware


25 cm² liquid electrolyte fuel cell hardware, column flow pattern, machined graphite separator plates, gold plated current collectors, banana plugs for monitoring voltage, built-in silicon rubber heaters (120 W) for maintaining cell temperature, Nylon fitting/SS nut for gas tight connection to 1/4" tubing.
Fuel compatibility: oxygen, hydrogen, air, methanol, ethanol, liquid, normal operating temperature 100 - 200 °C.
Carbon Felt included.


Item Price €
FC-25-01-LE 4.390,-

EC-LE-Matrix - Liquid Electrolyte Fuel Cell


The Liquid Electrolyte fuel cell is equipped with a reservoir for the continuous supply of liquid fuel (i.e. electrolyte) to electrodes. It provides an easy assembly structure to install the electrode and fill the liquid fuel. Since the fuel (electrolyte) is liquid, the solution is soaked in a matrix so that t it can be contained in the fuel cell. Flow fields machined in to the graphite plates allow the flow of reactants and provide excellent electrical contact to the matrix. The manufacturer also provides the matrix assemblies which consist of Pt Catalyst with silicone carbide coating – carrying hydrogen ions from the anode to the cathode.


- Matrix
- Electrode Size: 17 x 17 cm
- Catalyst loading 0,5mg Pt/cm² SiC matrix


Item Price €
EC-LE-Matrix on request

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