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AC Impedance - PS-ACI-FCM350


This system consists of the AC impedance test system model 350 fuel cell monitor, system controller, software and all necessary hardware to interface with an ElectroChem fuel cell test station.
The FCM350 Fuel Cell Monitor uses an electronic load to control both DC and AC current flow through the fuel cell. The load is connected to the control electronics which applies a sine wave to the load’s analog input and measures the resulting cell current and voltage.


Frequency range: 10 µHz to 20 kHz
Impedances: 10 µΩ to 50 Ω
max. cell potential: 50 V
two operating modes
are available:
constant AC current signal superimposed on a fixed DC current
DC current is constant, AC current level is controlled to produce a constant AC voltage at the cell

The voltage measurement can be made across the entire fuel cell or using probes, the impedance of conductors, electrolyte, the cathode, and the anode can be measured separately.

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